Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three Sisters Soup

This post is in honor of my two sister, with whom I usually celebrate this turn of the wheel. Due to scheduling conflicts we won't all be together this Equinox :( --- miss you!

I thought I'd share with you a recipe for Three Sister Soup.  This is the soup I make every Autumnal Equinox, to celebrate Mabon or 'The Second Harvest'.  (Lammas - August 1st -being the first harvest, and Samhain - Halloween - being the 3rd or final harvest).  The Three Sisters are corn, beans and squash, all traditionally grown together in a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.  The corn becomes a support for the beans; the beans add nitrogen to the soil to fertilize the corn and squash; the squash acts as mulch for the corn and beans, shading the soil and base of the other plants.  These three are harvested at the same time (right now!), and eaten together form a complete protein.  (Well, really the corn & beans are a complete protein, but I couldn't leave out sister squash & all her yummy vitamins).  

Like any recipe I create, it's all very loose.  So if you try it out - get creative, season as you like...but don't forget to say a spell, a prayer, or a blessing as the soup is simmering.

Three Sisters Soup
1 cup dry aduki beans (soaked overnight)
1 large onion
Lots of veggie broth OR 2 bullion cubes & water
1-2 strips kombu or wakame (seaweed)

BOIL until the beans are fairly soft, then chop and ADD

4 (approx) large carrots
2 sweet potatoes, peeled
2 delicata squash, peeled

SIMMER for a bit, then ADD spices

lots of cumin & cardomom
some basil, thyme, cayenne (a pinch!), salt, pepper
1-2 cups cooked corn

SIMMER a bit more, until the flavors come together.  Serve hot with homemade bread and really good quality butter.  Yum!

From this stew of sisters three,
all shall eat in harmony,
and may this warmth stay in the heart,
as we return to home and hearth!
Blessed be

My sisters!  Equinox camping trip 2009


  1. This sounds fabulous! We celebrate the autumnal equinox with a trip to the apple orchard, and I'm always looking for good ideas for celebratory meals too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Funny -- I think we'll be apple picking on the equinox this year too! Perhaps we'll bump into you guys :)

  2. Yum! I usually make an apple-pumpkin stew, but I'm the only one in the family who likes to eat it, so maybe I'll make this and see how it goes. Too bad my sisters aren't near enough to share it with! Fall is so lovely in New England, and a great time for exploring new foods and recipes - I can't wait for the next Farmers' Market!

    1. oooh, apple-pumpkin stew sounds yummy -- I'd love the recipe! Farmer's Markets are the BEST this time year :). We've been enjoying the one in front of the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Tuesday mornings.

  3. This looks delicious, than you for sharing. Perfect as our forecast is calling for cold and rain.
    Happy Equinox!